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Air Compressor in Milton Keynes

If you need help or support with your air compressor in Milton Keynes we are the people to talk to. Air Compressor Centre, with outlets in Milton Keynes, Park Royal, London and Bury St Edmunds, East Anglia has many years of experience in selling, installing and maintaining air compressors and specialist gas systems. As a longstanding CompAir and Hydrovane distributor we have the experience you need to specify, develop and install the compressed air system you need.

We have experience working with some of the largest companies in the region as well as some of the smallest! Our team of experienced, friendly, sales engineers will be happy to advise on any question you may have relating to your current or future compressed air system. Whether you are looking for a complete new system for a new building or factory or for a simple pipework extension we can help quickly and efficiently.

Air Compressor Sales and Service

Air Compressor Centre has a team of factory trained service engineers on the road across the region every day. We offer a range of servicing solutions for your air compressor. We offer one or three year parts inclusive service agreements or one off services as and when required. With our all inclusive service agreements we manage all your air compressor servicing for you. When your compressor is due a service we simply confirm a convenient time with you and carry out the work. No hassle, no having to remember when a service is due. All of this is carried out for a fixed upfront price with pricing fixed for one or three years. If you dont want a service agreement, we will simply quote you each time a service is due and once confirmed, we agree a convenient time and carry out the work.

We also offer a class leading breakdown service. Should your compressor develop a fault we can normally attend site, if necessary, within 4 hours, even outside normal working hours. We will then normally be able to fix the issue or at least diagnose the problem and give you an update on repair times and costs. If there is an immediate ongoing requirement for compressed air and there is no other source available on site we are normally able to get you a hire machine within a few hours.


If this is the level of service you are looking for contact us and lets start a discussion

Official distributor for CompAir air compressors and parts

CompAir manufacture screw compressors for use in small workshops right up to large industrial applications. They are available as oil free, variable speed or fixed speed versions. All of these products are available from Air Compressor Centre.

With many years of experience designing, installing and maintaining air compressor systems, we are able to meet all your requirements whether its for a small workshop or for a large installation manufacturing process.

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Does your air compressor need servicing?

Air Compressor Centre have a team of factory trained compressor service engineers on the road daily around London and the South East of England. Call us and we can arrange a visit to service your compressor and compressor system. We service all makes of compressor with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. We also supply parts for all makes of compressor.

For more information on air compressor servicing and service agreements

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