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Energy audit

Energy Audits

Actual compressed air production and usage is notoriously difficult to estimate. There are lots of potential for leaks, unexpected pressure drops, process equipment uses more (or less air) than expected and a multitude of other ways that what is 'assumed' usage in fact turns out to be inaccurate potentially by orders of magnitude. When compressed air is costing you around £300 per year per KW getting the air compressor sizing wrong can have a serious cost impact on the bottom line.

Take the guess work out of compressor sizing

At Air Compressor Centre we try to take the guess work out of compressor sizing using specialist datalogging equipment. Our specialist equipment is able to measure actual energy usage, actual system demand, leakage levels and pressure drops on your complete compressed air system. To do this we attach energy audit equipment (data loggers) to specific parts of your compressed air Datalogiing air compressors | air compressors | Air compressor centre system. These loggers are then left to record live data from your system for a period of usually 7 days. From the retrieved data we are able to understand, in detail, your compressed air demand, compressor utilisation, leakage rates and pressure drops across a typical week. It is an invaluable way to measuring exactly whats going on in your compressed air system based on hard data rather than 'guestimates'. We usually offer this service for a nominal charge since it helps us, as much as our customers, to get real data from which to specify a machine or system requirements. Talk to us for more information.

Key product features

  • An energy audit (data logging) is the only way to measure actual system parameters rather than making 'guestimates'
  • An energy audit helps us specify the most appropriate compressor, pipework and auxiliary equipment
  • We normally charge a nominal amount for energy audits but the potential savings identified from an audit can be huge