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Compressed air system design

Compressed air system design

The correct air compressor is only part of the overall compressed air system. Getting the rest of the compressed air system design right is just as important as getting the right compressor. The rest of the system includes air treatment (dryers and filters) and distribution (pipework, fittings and regulators) as well as final connections to your manufacturing process and equipment.

Help with specification and design

We can help you throughout the process of design, specification and installation of the overall system all with the aim of maximising efficiency whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Key to this is understanding what is required in terms of flow and pressure and air quality at each point throughout the system. There is little point in making all the air meet the tightest quality standards when only a small proportion of the air needs to meet these standards. It is probably better to fit point of use filters only where the highest quality air is required. Similarly if only a small part of the air needs to be at 10 bar whilst the rest can be at 6 bar running the whole system at 10 bar will be wasteful in energy costs.

Inefficiency in your compressed air system leads to higher energy bills

When we work with any planned system it is important you take into account likely future developments. If you know that new equipment is planned in the future or that air demand is likely to increase (or reduce) in the future these can be included in the planning stage to ensure the complete system is robust enough for future developments. Unfortunately, companies dont often start from a blank sheet of paper when designing a new system. Normally, there is an existing system that needs to be tailored to meet new requirements. However, we can apply the same principles and techniques to a system extension as we do to a brand new system, so we can build in likely future developments into the design process.

Key product features

  • Efficiency of the overall system is greatly affected by the pipework and system design
  • The energy savings to be made from a well designed system are potentially huge
  • With our experience of design, specification and installation of compressed air systems we can help design and install an optimum system for you