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Air Compressor Servicing

Air Compressor servicing

Getting your air compressor serviced regularly is fundamental to keeping your air compressor working reliably and economically. As with all mechanical things, air compressors need regular servicing, especially when the compressor is working flat out 8 hours a day 5 days a week or more! Air compressor centre offer a range of air compressor servicing options depending on what you require. However, there are a few fundamental rules we always work to:
  • We follow manufacturer recommended service intervals
  • We follow manufacturer recommended service content
  • We use genuine parts and lubricants
  • We service all your compressed air equipment at the same time including compressors, dryers, filters and condensate systems.
We feel to keep your air compressor in tip top condition we need to service it to the manufacturers standards and recommendations. We know this is not something that all compressor service companies offer or carry out.

Service options

To make your life easy we offer a wide range of service options. These include:
  • One off service - call us when your air compressor needs a service and we will give you a quote and come along and service your compressor
  • One year service agreement - we will quote you upfront, to come to your site and service your compressors when they need servicing, once, twice or many times a year. The price is fixed for the year, includes parts and labour. You just know your compressor is being maintained properly, when it needs it.
  • Three year (or more) service agreement - For complete peace of mind. With our three year agreement we will quote you upfront a fixed price per year for all your compressor servicing. The price is fixed for the next 3 years. It includes parts and labour. Our systems record when your compressor is due a service, we contact you, agree a time and come and service your compressors

Key product features

  • Air compressor servicing by experienced, factory trained technicians
  • A team of more than 10 engineers on the road across the region
  • Fully equipped vans and full manufacturer back-up
  • Several servicing options - ad hoc, annual and three year service agreements
  • We service all your compressed air equipment including air compressors, filters, dryers and condensate systems