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Servicing overview

Servicing Overview

We believe that any air compressor system needs to be thoroughly maintained thoughout its operational life. Servicing your air compressor is fundamental to its reliability and life. Compressed air is an expensive commodity to your business and everything should be done to minimise the costs of running the system.  We offer our customers many services that ensure your compressed air system as a whole is reliable, efficient and suited to your changing requirements. We do this through a range of services including:


Your air compressor works hard for you, it is critical to keeping your production working efficiently. We often find companies that are totally reliant on their compressors to keep their production running take little or no notice of their compressor until it stops working and suddenly all hell is let loose! To prevent this from happening to you follow these simple rules:

  • Get someone to carry out the necessary daily checks on your compressor
  • Check your compressor is well ventilated (particularly in the summer) and is not allowed to freeze (particularly in the winter)
  • Make sure it is kept topped up with oil and condensate is drained regularly
  • Make sure your compressor is serviced regularly and to manufacturer recommendations with genuine parts and lubricants

Taking a little time to make sure your compressor is maintained properly will ensure your air compressor serves you well for many years to come.

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