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Compressed Air Filters

Compressed air filters

Having high quality air filters is essential in any compressed air system. Compressed air filters remove particulates, oil and water droplets from the compressed air protecting downsteam machinery and preventing contamination of manufactured product. It is important that good quality filters are used, poor quality filters as well as not filtering the air properly can lead to large pressure drops, wasting a large amount of the energy put into the compressor. We usually recommend fitting 2 filters in any typical compressed air system. These are usually installed around the dryer. Typical high efficiency filters remove particulates down to 0.01 microns from the air, without significant pressure drop.

Get the correct size and specification of filter

Filters come in a range of sizes and are usually matched to the compressor they are operating with. If you have a filter that is too small for the compressor flow rate the pressure drop will be large. A high pressure drop costs you money in additional energy usage. A correctly specified air filter will minimise air pressure drop. It is important to replace the filter elements on an annual basis. If the filter becomes blocked the pressure drop will increase

Key product features

  • Incorrectly sized or blocked filters will cause a pressure drop that you pay for in excess energy usage
  • Compressed air filters help clean and dry your compressed air before use
  • Change you filter elements at least annually too minimise pressure drop
  • Correctly specified filters protect your downstream equipment from wear and damage