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Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers

Post compression air treatment is critical to ensure the quality of the compressed air going into your air system. The interaction of receiver, filters, dryers, pipework and your system all affect the size of the compressor required for your process air. Making sure the balance between all this equipment is optimised will increase the efficiency of your system and will reduce the energy costs needed to power your factory. Compressed air dryers are relatively cheap to buy and use and will prevent long term damage to equipment and product.

Where does the water come from?

The main purpose of a compressed air dryer is to remove water from the compressed air. When air is compressed it is unable to hold as much water as it does at normal atmospheric pressure. During the compression process this water is squeezed out of the air and normally condenses and drops out of the air stream when the air slows down, for example, in the receiver. However, not all the water will be trapped in the receiver, especially if the air is still hot. Some of the water will continue along your compressed air pipework, where it will condense out, or it will flow into you air powered machinery, where again it will condense out. Ultimately this water will damage delicate equipment, causing corrosion, or will form droplets that will be sprayed on final product damaging surface finishes. Unfortunately the water does contain a small amount of oil which will further stain surfaces and will often lead to damage to final products especially food packaging or food related products.

You really don't want water in your compressed air!

To get over this issue most compressed air systems are fitted with compressed air dryers, that remove water from the air. They are also normally fitted with filters that remove additional water, oil and other solid particulates that may have got into the air from outside or from the compression process.

Key product features

  • Removing water from your compressed air will save you a fortune in damaged machinery and end product
  • Refrigerated dryers are cheap to buy and run and are adequate for most applications
  • Desiccant dryers are necessary for food and other specialist applications
  • Always back up your dryer with two good quality filters