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CompAir Portable Air Compressors

Designed for the most demanding conditions

High-precision construction projects demand that the efficiency and reliability of portable air compressors is of the highest calibre. CompAir offers a wide range of very compact and lightweight portable air compressors, with a reputation within the industry for just that - air compressors that meet the requirements of numerous mobile compressed air applications and fulfills the emission standards in accordance with the directive 97/68/EC.

The CompAir C Series of portable air compressors

The C-Series from CompAir is constantly evolving and guarantees high energy efficiency, low emissions and many other innovations, which make daily operations and maintenance tasks much easier. Changing emission legislation is a key driver for development, but CompAir's passionate engineering team also strive to achieve the best possible performance at the lowest operational cost. As well as meeting latest EC emissions regulations the C-Series compressors are also some of the most compact and lightest on the market which benefits towing and general manhandling on site.

6 frame sizes to meet your needs

The C-Series range of portable air compressors from CompAir are available in 6 different frame sizes so you can choose the perfect size for your specific application. Flow rates are from 35cfm upwards and most are available in pressures from 7 to 13 bar.

Tailored portable air compressor solutions

CompAir offers numerous options and accessories allowing customers to configure the compressor according to specific requirements of the application. Besides various options for air treatment, integrated generators, bunded bottom boxes, toolboxes, hose reels and integrated oilers are all available as factory fit options.

Key product features

  • High efficiency & reliability the CompAir C-Series range of portable air compressors
  • The popular C10 - C14 range of compact compressors are an ideal alternative to electric tools
  • Diesel engines to latest EU emission standards
  • Robust but light weight for easy towing even behind smaller vehicles
  • Suitable for numerous applications with pressure range between 7 and 14 bar depending on model
  • Flow rates from 35cfm upwards
  • Many models available with integrated generators and aftercoolers