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Air Compressors

Air Compressors

We can provide air compressors ranging from small, oil free machines for dental or laboratory use, up to 200kw screw machines for large manufacturing plants. We can help you through the process of selecting, installing and commissioning your new air compressor, whatever your requirements. We can then also manage the servicing of your complete compressed air system. All of our services are carried out by our factory trained, experienced sales engineers and service technicians.

Piston, screw or vane air compressors?

There is a wide variety of air compressors available in the market. Each type is suited to different applications and usage profiles and it will make a big difference to the system reliability, energy efficiency and overall cost when you select the right type of compressor for your specific application. Our team of friendly and experienced sales engineers will be able to guide you through the decision making process to ensure you end up with the correct type and size of compressor for your specific application and circumstances.

Fixed or variable speed?

As well as there being different types of compressor it is also possible to buy fixed speed or variable speed variants of each type. In principle fixed speed compressors run at a standard fixed speed. They stop running once the system is up to design pressure and only restart when a certain pressure drop has been detected. Variable speed compressors however slow down their rotational speed to match demand. For systems with variable demand this can lead to significant energy savings.

Lubricated or oil free?

Another option available on many compressors is to have either a lubricated or oil free compressor. The benefits of lubricated compressors is that the oil lubricates and cools the compression process resulting in a cooler and hence more efficient running machine, the downside is that a very small amount of oil vapour may end up in the compressed air downstream of the compressor. However, this can normally be removed with filters. Oil free compressors either don't have any coolant, so tend to run very hot, or use other liquids such as water as a coolant. The outcome of  either is that compressed air has no oil in it. Oil free compressors tend to be used in food or pharmaceutical applications or in situations where a very high air quality is essential.  

Key product features

  • CompAir offer a wide range of lubricated and oil free screw air compressors
  • Hydrovane rotary vane air compressors are compact, quiet and efficient
  • Screw, piston and vane air compressors are each ideal for specific applications
  • CompAir air compressors are available with integrated dryers and receivers for a neat compact package
  • Compair air compressors are available as fixed speed base load or variable speed variants for maximum efficiency
  • Hydrovane air compressors are available with integral dryers and receivers