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Teseo aluminium pipework

Teseo high efficiency aluminium compressed air pipework

Teseo (formerly known as Simplair) uses aluminium hollow section pipe with a square outside profile creating a high efficiency, hi tech looking pipework system that really sets your factory apart from those with the typical, old fashioned, steels systems. The inside of the pipework has a smooth round profile that allows for simple sealing and allows for flexibility in pipework and layout design. The smooth interior pipe ensures maximum efficiency and minimal pressure loss through the network.

Teseo is quick to install due to it’s modular design, using simple clamps and ‘O’ ring seals to ensure that the new system is secure and leak free. The light weight of Teseo pipework makes installation much easier than the heavy weight traditional, mild steel pipework. Due to its light weight Teseo only requires simple plastic clips to hold it firmly in position. Also the fixings within the wall can be standard duty rather than the high duty required for the more traditional pipework systems saving more installation time.

Due to the Teseo modular system, modification of your pipework once installed is also simple and quick. To the extent that with the hot tap kit, new connections can be make even when the system is still under full working pressure.

Teseo Aluminium Pipework is rated up to 15 bar for compressed air, or higher in certain applications. It is also suitable for vacuum and liquid distribution.

Teseo system reduces costs through:

  • Leak elimination through the ‘Dual O Ring’ seal system
  • Energy saving thanks to smooth pipes and high efficiency joints
  • Reduced costs for modifications of the system with modularity and hot tapping.

Our installation team have years of experience installing Teseo systems, also traditional galvanised steel pipework system.

From the compressor plant right through to the point of use connector or coupling Air Compressor Centre can design and install a compressed air system that suits your needs, while saving you money on energy in the process.

Key partner features

  • Lightweight aluminium for easy fitting
  • Stylish, unpainted aluminium finish and square outer profile for a 'Hi Tech' appearance
  • High efficiency with minimal leaks due to double O ring seals and smooth bore for minimal wasted pressure loss
  • Easy to reconfigure after initial installation including hot tapping
  • Available in multiple sizes for different flow rates and applications
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Teseo compressed air pipework | air compressors | Air compressor centre

Available in a range of sizes

Teseo is available in a range of sizes and in two different designs

AP range

  • 20mm ID – AP22
  • 25mm ID – AP28
  • 32mm ID – AP36
  • 40mm ID – AP45
  • 50mm ID – AP 54
  • 63mm ID – AP 68

HBS range

  • 25mm ID – HBS25
  • 32mm ID – HBS32
  • 50mm ID – HBS50
  • 63mm ID – HBS63
  • 80mm ID – HBS80
  • 110mm ID – HBS110

Teseo compressed air pipework | air compressors | Air compressor centre

Wide range of fittings for every requirement

Teseo is available with a wide range of fittings so whatever you want to do with your pipework there will be a way to do it.

Standard fittings include

  • 90′ elbows and ‘Tees’
  • Straight joiners
  • Outlet plates – for outlets and branches
  • Integrated ball valves, drains and outlets
  • Pre-bent drops
  • Threaded outlets, flexible hoses, gauges and fixings