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CompAir Air Compressors

Compair Air Compressors

CompAir is a leading global air compressor supplier, providing high performance and low operating cost compressors, air dryers, air filters, lubricants and condensate management products for a broad range of applications including general industry, oil-free, construction and high pressure. CompAir manufactures rotary screw, oil-free, vane, piston and portable compressors. CompAir also has air treatment products and services to satisfy all requirements. This comprehensive product range has been developed through nearly 200 years of experience within the industry.

CompAir stands for continuous innovation and development of compressors and compressed air equipment. Ground breaking compressed air technologies, such as Quantima, deliver superb efficiency and performance. Plus with the dedicated in-house airend manufacturing CompAir is able to specifically influence the performance of the compressor to achieve the highest levels of reliability and efficiency.

CompAir has consistently been at the forefront of compressed air system development resulting in the most energy efficient compressors on the market today. From industrial manufacturing, construction, offshore and food & beverage to electronics, automotive, chemicals and many more, CompAir deliver high efficiency compressed air solutions. CompAir’s complete product range includes various lubricated and oil-free compressed air technologies, air treatment and air management, mobile compressors and a comprehensive global service network, providing the best solution for any customer requirement at all times.

CompAir is a UK based company, still manufacturing the majority of its products in the UK and Europe.

The Air Compressor Centre is an official UK distributor of CompAir products for the South East of England. With many years of experience designing, installing and maintaining air compressor systems across the region, we are able to meet your requirements whether they are for a small installation for intermittent use of for a large installation powering a manufacturing process


Key partner features

  • A leading, global, premium air compressor manufacturer
  • Full range of products including screw, vane and piston
  • Oil Free, lubricated and water lubricated screw machines available, fixed and variable speed
  • Full range of air treatment products available including filters, dryers and receivers
  • UK base with strong manufacturer support
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CompAir air compressor range | air compressors | Air compressor centre

Fixed and variable speed screw compressor packages

The design concept is based on absolute reliability and flexibility. The range incorporates the latest technological advances and components which are designed for long service life to offer operators total piece of mind. The availability of a wide range of different version and options makes them suitable for almost all applications. This ranges from additional regulated speed models, receiver mounted versions including refrigerant dryer (Airstation) and integrated heat recovery option.

  • High reliability and high quality compressed air
  • Easy operation and easy installation
  • High flexibility
  • Small footprint
  • Energy efficient fully integrated airend design
  • Low maintenance costs

Reliable mobile compressed air solutions

The portable compressors from CompAir prove their reliability in the toughest site conditions and deliver significant cost savings through energy efficiency and low maintenance.

The patented Bi-Turbo compression technology of the TurboScrew makes these compressors outstanding in efficiency. They consume up to 30% less fuel and are the smallest and lightest compressors in their class.