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Written Scheme of Examination

Written scheme of examination

All new and existing compressed air installations must conform to the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR2000). All pressure systems larger than 250 bar/litres must have a ‘written scheme of examination’ and a statutory inspection in accordance with the written scheme. A written scheme of examination consists of two parts. Part 1 (also known as section 8) - is a report that details safety devices and components associated with the systems pressure vessels. It also includes inspection periods for each device or component and, in some cases, a schematic drawing of the whole air network. Part 2 (also known as section 9) - The annual inspection of the fitted safety devises based on the report written in part 1. Air Compressor Centre are able to provide all necessary services required by the pressure systems safety Regulation  

Key product features

  • A Written Scheme of Examination is a legal requirement for all compressed air systems over 250 bar litres
  • It involves a written report describing the safety features on your compressed air system...
  • ...and an annual inspection of the safety features of your system to ensure everything is working correctly