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Air Compressor Servicing

Air Compressor Servicing

Getting your air compressor serviced regularly is fundamental to keeping your air compressor working reliably and economically. As with all mechanical things air compressors need regular servicing, especially when the compressor is working flat out 8 hours a day 5 days a week or more! Air compressor centre offer a range of air compressor servicing options depending on what the customer requests. But there are a few fundamental rules we always work to:

  • We always follow manufacturer recommended service intervals
  • We always follow manufacturer recommended service content
  • We always use genuine parts and lubricants
We know this is not something that all compressor service companies offer or carry out.

Your air compressor works hard for you

Your air compressor works hard for you, it is critical to keeping your production working efficiently. It is important you take a little time to make sure your compressor gets serviced. Would you run your car for years without getting it serviced? It's the same for your compressor.

Key product features

  • Air compressor servicing by experienced, factory trained technicians
  • A team of more than 10 engineers on the road across the region
  • Fully equipped vans and full manufacturer back-up
  • Several servicing options - ad hoc, annual and three year service agreements