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Air Compressor service agreements

Air Compressor Centre offer our customers a range of service agreements as well as routine maintenance options. Typical compressors require servicing twice a year but this can increase depending on the hours run every year. Our aim with all servicing options is to take away the need for you to worry about your compressors servicing or maintenance. Our systems record all details of your compressors, we then remind you when they are due for a service or maintenance. In addition our systems track the work that has been done on your compressors, over the years, so we can highlight any upcoming maintenance requirements or special maintenance needed to maintain your manufacturer warranty.

Three year fixed price servicing

Most of our customers take advantage of our one or three year fixed price service agreements. These agreements offer a fixed price for annual servicing including parts and labour for either the following one year or three years. This gives you the comfort of knowing exactly what your compressor servicing is going to cost for the next one or three years, guaranteed. The other main servicing option we offer is ‘pay as you go’, where we simply charge you when we do the work, with no commitment from your side. Our systems will track and manage the servicing and pre-planned preventative maintenance of your compressor system on your behalf. We will contact you when planned servicing is required by your machines. All you need to do is the daily checks on your machines, we will do the rest. We can attend site for any size of compressed air system, from the smallest piston machine to large pharmaceutical or industrial installations. We have the necessary accreditation and quality processes to meet any industrial requirements.

Key product features

  • Fix your air compressor servicing costs for the next one or three years
  • Price quoted includes all servicing and parts to service your air compressors
  • As a customer a service agreement customer you get additional discount on breakdown or repair costs