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Air Compressor Servicing and Installations


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Services offered includes:

Air Compressor centre also has an online shop. You can buy online replacement parts and service kits for all makes of compressor, we also have a wide range of parts for air systems such as valves, hoses, brackets and accessories for your air compressor system.

Air Compressor servicing | air compressor centre


Industrial Compressors

Air Compressor Centre are authorised distributors for CompAir and Hydrovane compressors. CompAir are a British based company that manufactures high quality compressors. CompAir still mostly manufactures in the UK or Europe. CompAir is best known for its high quality screw and high pressure piston compressors. Its screw compressors range from small workshop sized units to large Industrial units. They are available as fixed or variable speed and as oil free or lubricated variants.

Industrial Air Compressors | Air Compressor Centre

Hydrovane manufacture vane compressors, which using sliding vane technology to create the high pressure air. Vane compressors are efficient and as long as they are served correctly they will run and run. They are a simple design and have few moving parts. Hydrovane compressors have a reputation for reliability and love to run continuously. Check out our online shop where you can buy online, small Hydrovane compressors from stock.



Filters & Dryers

Post compression air treatment is critical to ensure the quality of the compressed air going into your air system. The interaction of receiver, filters, air dryers, pipework  and your system all effect the size of the compressor required for your process air. Making sure the balance between all this equipment is optimised will increase the efficiency of your system and will reduce the energy costs needed to power your factory..
Air Compressor Centre are distributors for Parker filtration products. We also supply air dryers and filters from CompAir and other manufacturers.

CompAir Compressed air filters | air compressor centreCompAir Compressed Air Dryers | Air Compressor centre


Energy Audits
Air Compressor Centre carry out compressed air system energy audits and leak detection surveys. Typically 25 – 50 % of the air created by a compressed air system can be lost in leakage from pipework or fittings and valves. Using the latest detection technology Air Compressor Centre can identify areas of leakage and repair or replace pipework and other equipment to reduce leakage to zero. This will definitely save you money and reduce your power requirements.
Air Compressor Centre can also advise you on how to reduce the power consumed by your compressors. Fixed speed compressors use on average 30% more electricity than an equivalent variable speed compressor. Also modern control systems can minimise the power consumption of your existing compressors by optimising the flow from each compressor. Additionally pressure drops caused by poor quality or old pipework can absorb a considerable amount of energy.  For more information about reducing your compressed air energy bill contact the Air Compressor Centre.


Energy Efficiency & Heat Recovery

Once your compressed air system is working efficiently, with leaks minimised and the compressors running efficiently there are still plenty of savings that can be made. Approximately 90% of the electrical energy you put into your compressor is discarded as heat from the compression process. Rather than wasting this heat to atmosphere it can be redirected to the company central heating or hot water system. The ‘waste heat’ from the compressor can then be used to preheat water significantly reducing the companies hot water or central heating energy usage.

Compressor heat recovery is a low cost solution to reduce large heating bills, talk to Air Compressor Centre for more information.


For all your air compressor sales, service parts and installation requirements across London, Suffolk, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Bedfordshire and East Anglia take a look at our online shop or talk to Air Compressor Centre on 0845 0711 071