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Condensate Management

condensate management

The water resources act was introduced to place legal restrictions on industrial discharges to ground, waterway or storm drains. The need for this is very apparent since just 250ml of oil can cover many acres of water surface. A relatively small 18KW compressor can produce many thousands of litres of condensate every year. This condensate can contain up to 1,000ppm of oil and other waste. Since 99.9% of condensate is water it makes sense to remove the oil and other chemical waste from the water so that the remaining clean water can be legally disposed of down a foul drain (maximum oil content that can be put down a foul drain is 20ppm). Our preferred condensate cleaning system is from Sepura, which provides a simple but effective cleaning solution using a patented sterling filter media reducing oil content of discharged water to less than 10ppm.

Key product features

  • An effective condensate management system helps you meet legal requirements and protect the environment
  • The system can be automated to run in the background so it never gets forgotten
  • The systems are simple to use and only require annual maintenance
  • Poor control of condensate can damage your compressor and downstream equipment