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Compressed Air Pipework and Installations

Compressed Air Pipework and Installations

Having a correctly sized and installed air compressor is only the first part of a complete compressed air system. Once you have the compressed air you still need to get it distributed to the parts of the factory where it will be used. This is where the type of compressed air pipework to use and overall system design come in. Both of these will have significant effects of overall system efficiency. Regarding pipework systems, there are many to choose from ranging from traditional galvanised steel systems to more modern and high efficiency extruded aluminium systems designed for large, high efficiency permanent solutions. There are also cheaper and less robust plastic push fit systems or temporary rubber hose systems available. Each of these systems have benefits and often drawbacks which need to be taken into account when designing the system.

TESEO compressed air pipework

We tend to use a high efficiency extruded aluminium system called TESEO for most of our major pipework installations, although quite often we will use other aluminium systems or galvanised steel systems especially when we are extending an existing system and it makes most sense to use the existing legacy system.

Key product features

  • The pipework and overall system design has a big impact on overall system efficiency
  • We design the pipework system to meet your requirements and achieve maximum efficiency
  • We prefer high efficiency extruded aluminium pipework but also fit galvanised steel and other systems
  • Compressor installations need to be done correctly to maximise the life and efficiency of your complete system