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EKOM Medical and Dental Compressors

EKOM is one of the leading European suppliers of Dental Compressors and Laboratory Compressors.  At the heart of the Ekom technology is the compressor pump, which is used as a medical device for medical ventilators and other critical applications. Ekom is a global supplier with outstanding credentials.

Since its foundation, the company has been focused on the development and production of oil-free compressors for the medical and dental equipment market.

Our compressors are used as a source of clean compressed air in dental clinics and laboratories. Self-lubricating piston rings made of Teflon, medically sound components, internal surface coating of the air receivers, automatic dryers together with filtration units are the guarantee of a high quality of air supplied by our compressors.

With the production of almost 10 thousand compressors a year Ekom has a dominant position in the market across Europe, Asia and other major global markets.

EKOM Medical Compressors

EKOM manufacture Medical Compressors and are a medical device approved manufacturer. Their products are used in Respiratory and Anaesthesia machines. The medical compressors are complete systems for integration with Ventilators, Endoscope washer disinfectors and Endoscope drying cabinets and many other medical applications.

These units are exceptionally quiet and are the leading brand in the Medical market, used by leading ventilator manufacturers. At the heart of all Ekom products is the compressor itself. Its advanced technology and long life rings and bearings make the product easy to service.

EKOM Dental Compressors

All Ekom dental compressor sizing is based on each chair using 50 l/min @ 5 bar, this meets the HTM 20/22 standard. These flows are generous for each chair and increases the size of the compressor usually supplied to meet the standard.

The core compressor technology used in manufacture of Ekom dental compressors is from medical ventilators, where critical care requires a totally reliable compressor system. Dental compressors are available in a silent configuration, inside an acoustic chamber, and are also available with integral receiver, air dryer and filters.

EKOM also manufacture central dental systems for large user applications such as dental training clincs. These systems are designed to operate 20 chair + applications and meet all the Dental Hospital air quality standards.


Ekom Air Compressors | Air Compressor Centre