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Air Compressor Centre are authorised distributors for CompAir, Hydrovane, Bambi and Ekom compressors. Each of these compressor brands are market leaders in their field.  

Compair air compressors | Air Compressor centre

CompAir Industrial Compressors

CompAir have over 200 year’s experience in the compressed air industry, they are a global brand and are famous for their high quality screw, mobile and high pressure piston compressors. Their screw compressors range in size from 5 to 200 KW and are available with integral air dryers, integral control systems. CompAir focus on the efficiency of their screw compressors and offer fixed or variable speed machines.

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Hydrovane Air compressors | air Compressor centre

Hydrovane Industrial Compressors

Hydrovane manufacture the famous Hydrovane ‘vane’ compressors, which use the sliding vane concept to create the compressed air. The benefit of the sliding vane concept is that it is very simple and reliable with few moving parts. Also, if maintained correctly Hydrovane compressors will run and run. Hydrovane offer air compressors from small workshop and lab sized used to larger industrial compressors, in both fixed and variable speed drive configurations. All usual ancillary equipment is also available including air dryers, filters, air receivers and condensate drains.

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Bambi Air Compressors | Air Compressor Centre

Bambi Medical Compressors

Bambi compressors are British made piston compressors. They are available in a variety of specifications, capacities and specifications. They are a high quality, low noise machines and are ideally suited for laboratory, medical and dental use. They are available as lubricated compressors or oil free, in a silent or workshop configuration. They are also available as 240v single phase or 400v 3 phase power supply.

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Ekom air compressors | air Compressor centre

Ekom Medical and Laboratory Compressors

Ekom are a leading European supplier of high quality oil free medical, Laboratory and Dental compressors. At the heart of an Ekom compressor is the compressor pump. This was designed as a medical device for use with medical ventilators, clearly a critical application where reliability and durability is vital. Ekom is a global supplier with outstanding credentials.
Ekom Compressors are available as silent compressors when enclosed in a silencing cabinet, they are also available with integral air dryer, receiver and separators, so all that is required is a suitable power supply and air hose to get them up and running.


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