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Air Compressor in Buckinghamshire | Air Compressor Centre

Are you looking for help with your Air Compressor in Buckinghamshire?

Air Compressor in Buckinghamshire | air Compressor Centre

If you are looking for help or support for your compressed air system or air compressor in Buckinghamshirewe are the people to talk to. Air Compressor Centre, based in North London, has many years of experience in selling, installing and maintaining air compressors and specialist gas systems.


Has your compressor stopped working or is there a problem with it?

Air Compressor Centre have a team of service engineers on the road daily. We can usually attend a breakdown on the same day as your call. Give us a call and we can get one of factory trained engineers out to you and hopefully fix your compressor. If a repair cannot be done on the same day we can usually supply a rental machine until your compressor is back up and running. We work on all makes of compressor.


Does your compressor need servicing?

Air Compressor Centre have a team of factory trained compressor service engineers on the road daily around Buckinghamshire and the South East of England. Call us and we can arrange a visit to service your compressor and compressor system. We service all makes of compressor with the same level of professionalism and attention to detail. We also supply parts for all makes of compressor.


Medical or Dental compressorsAir Compressor in Buckinghamshire | Bambi Compressors | Air Compressor Centre

Air Compressor Centre are specialists in medical and dental oil free compressors. We offer industry leading brands such as Bambi or Ekom and can offer full installation and servicing solutions, as well as helping with system design and installation of pipework. Call us to find out more

Hydrovane Compressors

Air Compressor Centre are Hydrovane specialists. We have been a distributor of Hydrovane compressors for over 10 years. Hydrovane Compressors are simple, reliable and efficient and are an ideal compressor for a wide range of uses in industry and the motor trade. For small domestic / workshop use you can even buy a small Hydrovane compressor from our online shop. Click here for more information.  For larger Hydrovane compressors or for more complex installations give us a call.


Air Compressor in Buckinghamshire | Hydrovane Air Compressors | Air Compressor Centre

Compressed Air Pipework installations

Old compressed air pipework is can cost you money. It tends to leak, can cause high pressure drops through poor design and rough interior surfaces, it also can cause contamination of the compressed air though corrosion of the inner surface of the pipe. Modern aluminium pipework systems are smooth bore, leak free and easy to install and modify. In many cases simply changing your pipework can save you around 30% of the energy you put into creating compressed air simply through eliminating leaks, improved flow efficiency through smooth bores and better design.
If you are looking for more compressed air or are looking to move or relocate your factory talk to us about new and efficient pipework systems and compressors  

For all your air compressor sales, service parts and installation requirements across London,Hertfordshire, Berkshire, BuckinghamshireEssexBedfordshire, take a look at our online shop or talk to Air Compressor Centre on 0845 0711 071